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The U.S. Institute, founded in 2000, is an exclusive private membership that brings together senior U.S. officials from the leading investment management firms in the U.S.  The U.S. Institute provides this innovative group with a unique platform to meet with peers, share ideas and stay ahead of their competition.

U.S. Institute

Hannah Quapp

Tel: +1 212 224 3657
Email: hannah.quapp

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The U.S. Institute is one of Institutional Investor’s prestigious membership organizations. Established in 2000, it serves the asset management industry as an international “think tank” and discussion forum for the leading Chief Executive Officers and their C-level team: Chief Investment Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer & HR Director.

The mission of the U.S. Institute is to provide a peer-group networking forum where members privately discuss key industry issues of common concern—within a collegial environment. Our members meet at a series of interactive roundtable meetings whose agendas and attendees reflect the increasingly global nature and diversity of approaches of the investment industry. Membership is by invitation only.

There are six main features to the U.S. Institute membership.


Six meetings are held each year; five in the U.S. and one in Europe. Each roundtable is designed for a specific “C level” peer group. There is an annual CEO Roundtable in the US and in Europe. In addition, there are four other roundtables—each dedicated to a particular executive within the firm: COO, CIO, CFO and HR/Talent Manager.


Our close relationship to this prestigious group of industry leaders allows us to produce proprietary surveys and research reports, and sample the membership’s collective opinion on the latest developments in the industry. We work hand-in-hand with leading industry experts to deliver interviews, white papers and research by some of these professionals. A highlight is the annual “Performance Intelligence” benchmarking study conducted in association with Casey Quirk & McLagan.

Regional Gatherings

In between roundtables, U.S. Institute members periodically gather for local breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings in key cities. Outside speakers are often brought in to provide expertise on a particular topic.

Email Member Polling

ASK USI questions are suggested by one or more members and are forwarded to his or her fellow Senior Delegates, or appropriate peer-group, via e-mail. The U.S. Institute then compiles the feedback anonymously and circulates it back to the membership.

Members-Only Website

It offers a depository of information such as:

  • Current USI programs and attendee lists.
  • Archive of programs, attendee lists and photos from past meetings.
  • Archive of e-mail member polling.
  • Member directory, including profiles of member firms.
  • Timely research by experts on industry trends, including quarterly asset allocation by institutional investor groups.

Manager Intelligence Network (MIN)

Access to MIN, an Institutional Investor website. MIN serves as a portal into the discussions and questions major asset owners are sharing on their own private Institutional Investor website – the Investor Intelligence Network (IIN.) Since launching in January 2011, IIN’s network has grown to encompass more than 2,500 institutional investors, mainly CIOs and other senior decision-makers at pension funds, foundations and endowments, and SWFs around the world.

For more information please contact Hannah Quapp, (212) 224-3657, hannah.quapp@iimemberships.com


The only industry forum I attend regularly.
It is very valuable to get together with other asset management leaders to discuss critical issues in private.
Testimonials from members



Members belong to some of the leading and most innovative houses in the asset management industry. Only management-level executives are invited to join the U.S. Institute as Senior Delegates, and only members are allowed to attend the meetings. This exclusivity creates a unique and tight-knit club, in which the latest industry trends are discussed in a relaxed, off-the-record setting.


The content of our programmes and research projects are primarily member-driven. But while we seek input from our members, we retain editorial responsibility. As a third party, we have nothing to sell but our membership services. This enables us to offer programs that compare both sides of any issue with objectivity. Unlike most conference organisations, the European Institute has no other agenda, than to serve its members to the best of its abilities.


The above two features – exclusivity of membership and editorial integrity – combine to guarantee the third: excellence in the quality of the services we provide. U.S. Institute staff excel in knowing the industry, the issues and the players. We strive for creativity and depth; to stimulate dialogue, provoke thinking and challenge conventional wisdom with cutting-edge topics. Our high renewal rates attest to the satisfaction of our members.