The Alternative Investor Institute (AII) is a private membership organization for alternative investment management executives responsible for overseeing institutional business development. Members of the institute come together with the institutional clients and prospects they serve in exclusive settings that foster idea exchange while working to achieve common goals. Our aim is simple: we want to help investors make better decisions by putting them in touch with the best investment thinking in the business!

Devised by investors for investors, the agenda for each investor meeting draws heavily on current, best-practices presented by investors. Through thought-leadership roundtable discussions and customized research, AII drives innovation for the future of the investment management industry. By providing exclusive opportunities to interact with thought leaders in the field via structured meetings and by issuing on-trend, insightful reports and research, the Alternative Investor Institute (AII):

  • Helps members strengthen and build relationships with senior representatives of major North American Pension Funds, Endowments, Foundations, Insurance Funds, and Investment Consultancies.
  • Educates pension plan sponsors and senior fund executives on the opportunities, strategies, and challenges of active investing.
  • Keeps members and institutional investors apprised of important issues and developments affecting investment decisions.
  • Enables members to freely exchange ideas and experiences, helping them better serve and respond to their institutional clients and prospects.
I have been attending institutional conferences for over a decade and after trying a variety of sponsors and formats believe that III is the single best organized, executed and effective multi-venue conference formats

Managing Director & Principal of Institutional Distribution


Five Annual Roundtables

During the year, four roundtables are held for each of the major institutional constituencies: Endowments and Foundations, Corporate Funds and Insurance Portfolios, Public Pension Plans and Investment Consultants. In addition, AII members have one members-only senior delegates meeting to stimulate thinking on business development strategies.

Decrease Costs, Increase Productivity

Reducing the cost and compressing the time needed to cover your territory, the institute will dramatically shorten your sales cycle, make your marketing budget go further, and ultimately produce returns you have not previously seen.

High Caliber Attendees

Our meetings are designed by investors for investors. Unlike any other event organizer, AII employs full-time Institutional Relationship Directors whose job is to visit investors and get the right investment officials to our meetings. Thus, our investors are of unparalleled quality and continue to attend our roundtables year after year.


Membership in the institute will provide insight into the thoughts, challenges, trends and concerns of major institutional clients and prospects. Roundtable presentations will include benchmarking reports and research studies on the institutional marketplace. During the year, each institutional investor market set is surveyed regarding their risk strategy, asset allocation strategy among other key areas of interest. You will receive the aggregated results as well as benchmarking against previous years at Roundtables. 

Valuable Networking, Lasting Relationships

AII allows you to build relationships more effectively with investors because you meet them when they are reaching out for answers. AII is a private club. Its meetings are educational. Through intimate discussion groups and facilitated introductions you get to work alongside investors on their challenges. Thus you build up trust and win mandates.

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