Chief Marketer Roundtable 2020

Feb 4th - Feb 5th 2020
The Miami Beach EDITION
Miami Beach, FL
Data-izing Marketing's Power

You inevitably work in data-driven organizations. Yet just as inevitably, the holy grail of concretely tying marketing touchpoints to sales outcomes remains just out of reach.

The 2020 Chief Marketer Roundtable will explore the challenge of data-izing marketing’s power within asset management organizations – as well as the solutions being executed upon by your peers.

The Chief Marketer Roundtable will explore challenges, illuminate best practices, and provide access to the most forward-thinking minds in your peer group.

2020 Advisory Board

The Chief Marketer Institute Advisory Board is composed of innovative leaders in institutional and global marketing in asset management. These leaders are transforming their firms’ holistic brand strategies — and changing the way that asset managers communicate with clients and prospects. Through their collaborative guidance, we are able to present an agenda addresses the most persistent challenges and groundbreaking trends in the industry today.

Katie Cowley
Aberdeen Standard Investments

Laura Tyrholm

Laura Manley
BNP Paribas

Russ Mahland
ClearBridge Investments

Henry Detering

Shephali Sardinha
Loomis, Sayles, & Company, L.P.

Neil Siegel
Macquarie Investment Management

Dana McCullough
MFS Investment Management

Maureen Bromwell
Northern Trust Global Investments

Ken Poliziani

Sheila Lamb
PGIM Fixed Income

Kelly McCarthy
PineBridge Investments


Lee Shapcott
QMA, a PGIM Company

Matt Alsted
Sands Capital Management

Dominica Ribeiro
State Street Global Advisors

Kristin Slade
T. Rowe Price

Susan McMurry
Wellington Management Company, LLP

2019 Agenda Highlights

In our inaugural study of the Chief Marketer Institute membership, you were asked in-depth questions regarding the state of your structure, strategy, outputs, and constraints. What are the industry standards and best practices that emerged – and how can you best act upon the insights of your peers?

The study will illuminate best practices and industry trends in the following areas:

  • Organizational structure of marketing
  • Content strategy and execution
  • Market segmentation: target markets and positioning
  • Compliance: resources and processes
  • Benchmarking and ROI: measuring the impact of marketing
  • Budget: the how and where of your spend

Split into two equal parts, this session will explore various forward-thinking content and distribution strategies in asset management.

Issues to be confronted include:

  • Ideation and workflow for focused content production
  • Leveraging content to reinforce brand strategy
  • Talent sourcing for content production
  • Personalization in creation and distribution
  • Effective distribution channels for an institutional audience
  • Measuring the value-add of customized content
  • Learning from the retail and non-asset management space

It was arguably the most effective asset management branding moment in the history of this industry – so much so that it became a cultural icon unto itself.

Go behind the ideation, creation, and execution of State Street Global Advisors’ Fearless Girl campaign with the very people who made it happen.

Asset management marketing is ascendant – and thus is attracting a new breed of talent at all levels. With this comes challenges: sourcing, sorting, and structuring the people necessary to create and execute your company-wide branding, marketing, and communications efforts.

Hear from practitioners and recruiters who have overhauled and revitalized their firm’s marketing talent strategy.

Marketing as a career path in investment management is more prestigious and competitive than ever before. However, the ideal candidate has an investor's resume and a marketer's ambitions. Where do you find these people? And how do you continue to foster exciting career paths for the long term?

The Chief Marketer Institute/Kingsley Gate Partners Career and Compensation Benchmarking Study will illuminate trends in the following areas:

  • Recruitment best practices in asset management marketing
  • Compensation benchmarking data specifically for institutional and retail marketers
  • Comparable insights for career path building and team structures to enhance retention

What constitutes success in institutional marketing? What lessons can we learn from retail marketing – and what ideas do not carry over? What metrics and tools do you use to measure success?

The challenge of defining success – and measuring efficacy – in asset management marketing is daunting. Few have cracked the code. Confront the challenge of measuring marketing campaign ROI within different channels (institutional, retail, etc.) and scopes (globally integrated, regionally focused, etc.) with peers and industry experts.

The optimal engagement model for institutional investors is quickly becoming a multi-dimensional game.  Much of an asset allocator’s buying decision is made before an asset manager formally engages in sales discussions. Perceptions of the content and experience outside of the sales process has a meaningful impact on the decision to invest. Expectations around client servicing, ease of doing business, and additional value-adds are increasingly defining factors of client loyalty, particularly in periods of performance headwinds.

Client journey mapping – and a depth of understanding into how asset allocators consume information – immediately provide means through which you can optimize the client (and prospect) experience.

Gain data-driven insight into the weeds of the institutional buying process – and asset allocators’ reading habits – to gain an edge on competitors.

As a leader at your firm, the “marketing buck” stops with you. But how do you measure the efficacy of that buck? Which vehicles are the most effective, and which are not a good use of your spend?  

Hear from peers on how they manage resources for maximum impact – and how to effectively manage resourcing pain points.

We feel your pain: You create an editorial plan, craft a series of strong content pieces, select the perfect titles, compose the email campaign, and then… *poof.*

Collaborate on the best techniques for getting your meticulously crafted content actually read – and on the best uses of a holistic editorial calendar for maximum impact. 

In the digital age, we have a virtually unlimited ability to amass data on client and prospect interaction with content and brand. This is a monumental improvement over the age of print and house calls — but it brings with it a new set of challenges. 

How can you implement the best infrastructure and team to sort and analyze the proliferation of data points that surround modern client engagement? What data sets provide the most insight? And how will the ever-evolving age of digitalization transform your strategy?

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