European Single Family Offices: The Digital Series

Oct 1st 2020 - Mar 4th 2021
Zoom Webinar
Virtual Event

Institutional Investor is pleased to introduce a five-part digital series spread over the coming six months, offering Europe's leading investment officials a platform to showcase their best single family office investment ideas and interact with their peers and clients. The series will bring together 20-25 investment professionals drawn from Europe’s most sophisticated single family offices to participate in interviews, panel discussions and breakout sessions - all on a digital platform. 

Series Narrative

Positioning Portfolios Post-COVID: From Opportunistic Investing to Tax Efficiency

Thursday, 1st October 2020


C. Penn Redpath, Senior Managing Director, Lombard International
Oliver Prodhan, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Misland Capital

Kicking off II’s six-part series, family offices and experts will debate some of today’s most pressing investment issues in a global context. Europe and the US have a lot to contend with given growing fiscal deficits, the impending US election and the threat of a second wave of COVID. Is now the time to retrench? Lower risk appetite?  Invest opportunistically? What wealth and tax structures are most effective given the current environment?  

A Taste for Disruption: The Future of Food

Thursday, 5th November 2020

join us for a thought provoking discussion with family office professionals and experts as they explore how the food industry is searching for a more sustainable solution. They will discuss niches like alternative protein sources and global food insecurity, as well as exploring current innovations and challenges in the space.


Paul Reynolds, Chief Executive, Thamesis


Paul Simon, Special Advisor, Lord Fink Family Office
Salvatore Ferragamo, Jr. CEO, Il Borro

Happy Hour: An Open Forum to Connect Informally With Your Peers

Thursday, 3rd December 2020

Join Institutional Investor’s European Family Office community for a fireside chat with David Grieve of Grieve Family Winery in Napa Valley, California followed by an interactive Q&A. The winery’s famous Double Eagle wines are organically produced at the hands of the French-born winemaker Phillipe Melka.

Following the discussion, crack open a bottle or pour yourself a cocktail for a social half hour of networking amongst your family office peers.

Will Value Investing Make A Comeback?

Thursday, 7th January 2021

Join Institutional Investor’s European Family Office community for a panel discussion on the intriguing topic of: will value investing make a comeback? Investors who believed in value, prior to a tumultuous 2020, may be gearing up to be rewarded in a post-COVID19 world. A scenario may have played out where growth investors are left to lick their wounds, while value investors may finally get their day in the sun.


Paul Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer, Thamesis


Mark Shapley, Chief Investment Officer, Alder Investment Management, UK
Julian Sinclair, Chief Investment Officer, Macdoch UK Ltd
Michka Kovats, Chief Executive Officer, Parly Company SA, Switzerland

Stores of Value and the Counterparty Challenge: Gold, Art, Bitcoin and Banks

Thursday, 4th February 2021

Join Institutional Investor’s European Family Office community for a panel discussion on alternative stores of value with the likes of everything from gold to art to Bitcoin and banks.

Niche Private Equity for Alpha Generation

Thursday, 4th March 2021

Join Institutional Investor’s European Family Office community for a panel discussion on niche private equity opportunities that will continue to generate alpha.

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Episode Structure

15 minutes

Institutional Investor will conduct an interview with a senior Asset Owner from a single family office pertaining to the episode's theme. 

15 minutes

Institutional Investor will conduct an interview with a senior Portfolio Manager from the partnering asset management firm pertaining to the episode's theme.

30 minutes

Attendees will be divided into smaller groups to discuss specific topics in further detail. Breakout discussions will led by representatives of the partnering asset management firm.


For Family Offices interested in participating, please contact:

Emma Whittingham

Investor Relations Manager
+44 207 303 1713

For Asset Managers interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact: 

Stefanie Sables

Head of Sales, UK & EMEA
+44 207 303 1712