Established in 1996, Financial Technology Forum (FTF) is the premier network for technology leaders from major investment management firms, serving as a “think tank” for members to interact and develop their professional skills.


FTF Meetings

Membership includes three Membership Meetings as well as impromptu, topic-driven events including regional meetings. All events are interactive, and driven by the members’ current needs and interests. Firms are welcome to send up to two individuals to the Fall and Winter events. The Senior Delegate Roundtable is reserved specifically for the head of the technology department and/or other functional departmental heads.

FTF offers remote electronic participation in our Membership Meetings to those who cannot attend in person. Through full-motion, two-way video, audio and slides of the sessions via WebEx, the remote attendee will see and hear everything that happens in all plenary sessions, which are recorded and posted to FTF’s members-only website.

Proprietary Research


The following are presented at Membership meetings:

Benchmark Survey – detailed study of IT spending, headcount and compensation expense among FTF member firms.

Technology Inventory – a compilation of the latest software systems (e.g. Portfolio Accounting, Trade Order Management, etc.) that member firms utilize.

IT Compensation Survey – covering more than 25 job titles, the survey results are categorized by assets under management, staff size, region and hedge fund status.

FTFQs – frequent member-generated, web-based polls, the results of which are distributed via e-mail and posted to our members-only website.

Monthly Webcasts

Online meetings feature analysts and members discussing topics of the moment and various technology systems utilized within the industry. Recordings of the webcasts are posted to our members-only website.

Upcoming Events

The Move Towards MiFID II: Ensuring Compliance for the North America Buy Side

September 28, 2017
12:00 – 12:45 pm Eastern Time

Personalizing the Client Experience

October 10, 2017
1:00-1:45 pm Eastern Time



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