The Blockchain Securities Center of Excellence - Los Angeles

27th Apr 2020
The Beverly Hilton
Beverly Hills, CA

Institutional investors and blockchain will inevitably converge in the near future.  And there are no shortage of pundits speculating on what the impact of broad adaptation will look like. While pundits pontificate, actual investors are asking the real questions of “what” and when”? Amidst a backdrop of a global capital markets system that is both inefficient and ill-equipped, institutional investors are looking at digital assets for everything from global transactions to asset allocations. How will blockchain influence the existing structure of capital markets? How will large pools of institutional capital articulate positions around blockchain securities and digital assets?

Join us on April 27th at the history Beverly Hilton to distinguish signal from noise with a robust, multifaceted discussion around blockchain and its potential real-life use cases. With a focus on applicability, we’ll look at the actual problems the distributed ledger seeks to solve and what a successful large scale implementation might look like.

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Prometheum is the first compliant, full-service 24-hour blockchain securities ecosystem. Prometheum is the SEC and FINRA regulated market infrastructure that leverages the blockchain for issuance, trading, clearing, settlement and custody. Blockchain securities are born on our network when a company raises capital on Prometheum’s issuance platform by offering their own Smart Security Tokens (SST). Those SSTs can then be freely traded on our system, where the Prometheum Blockchain tracks transactions for secure clearing and settlement within 24 hours.




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The Beverly Hilton

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