III Washington Roundtable for Corporate & Insurance Portfolios

Mar 2nd - Mar 3rd 2020
The Watergate Hotel
Washington, D.C.
Not Your Mother’s Pension & Insurance Conference

True: Every day is one day closer to the next financial crisis, and thus prognostications of imminent doom and gloom must always be taken with an apple-sized grain of salt.

Also true: Every day is one day closer to the demise last defined benefit pension paying out its last dime.

But you know what? That doesn’t mean that this isn’t, arguably, the most tension-filled time in the world of corporate pension and insurance investing since the chaos of 2008. Trade wars; political uncertainty; gyrating equity markets; credit quality concerns; matching liabilities and maintain liquidity: All are driving heightened levels of hair-pulling and stress eating in offices around America.

We’re here to help.

The 2019 Roundtable for Corporate Funds & Insurance Portfolios will address opportunities to enhance risk-return propositions, diversify away from persistent market risks, and adapt to an uncertain global regulatory and political environment.

View the 2019 Agenda

2020 Advisory Board

Rip Reeves

Todd Hedtke

John Patin
Allied World

Ron Thompson
Aloca Inc.

Samuel Norvell
Annie E. Casey Foundation

Mark Rose
Argo Group

Markus Kalina
Atalo Capital

Wei Huang
Auto Club Group

Waymond Harris
Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan

Mike Vogelzang

Kathleen Lutito
CenturyLink Investment Management

Greg Spick
Cox Enterprises, Inc.

Valerie Sill
DuPont Capital Management

Thomas Mucha
Eastman Kodak Company

Susan Ridlen
Eli Lilly & Company

Walter Kress
Ernst & Young

Doug Brown
Exelon Corporation

Maite Irakoze Baur
Farmers Insurance Group

Gerard Pompillio
First Spring Corporation

Sanjay Chawla
FM Global

Michael Barry 
Georgetown University

Al Hemmingsen
Parkland Management Company

Wayne Wicker
ICMA Retirement Corporation

Robert Ewers
Inter-American Developement Bank

Robert Hunkeler
International Paper Company

Buff Pusey
Kimble Advisory

Paul Colonna
Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company

Richard Scott
Loews Corporation

Andrew Weinmann
Lord Baltimore Group

Rohan Pandit
Lufin Partners AG

Frederick Hinkley
Machester Capital Management

Phillip Titolo
MassMutual Insurance

Kevin Rudgate
MetLife Investment Management

Clifton Moore
Michelin North America Inc.

Steve Kaell
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Francine Kollydas
National Grid USA

Jeanmarie C. Grisi
Nokia Americas

Mahendra Shah

Al Hemmingsen
Parkland Management Company

Mark Peters

John Greenberg
Pension Benefit Cuaranty Corporation

Brandon Mei
Phillips 66

RJ Smolenski

Brendan Macmillan
qp global

Aaron Diefenthaler
RLI Corp.

Robert Teeter
Silvercrest Asset Management

Ryan Dotson
Simthsonian Institution

Charles Van Vleet

T.C. Wilson
The Doctor's Company

Ernie Caballero
UPS Group Trust

Laurence Fulton
Verizon Investment Management

Michael Zeuner
WE Family Offices

Gildas Quinquis
Windrose Advisors

Gabriel Petre
World Bank

Ruth Bosco
Xerox Corporation

Peter Teuscher
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.


The Watergate Hotel

2650 Virginia Ave NW
Washington, DC 20037
United States

Perfect for business, pleasure, or family travel, The Watergate Hotel is home to an array of venues for dining, drinking, fitness, wellness and more. You're encouraged to lounge at the seductive The Next Whisky Bar and enjoy stunning views from Top Of The Gate, as well as enjoy some of DC's best cuisine at Kingbird and indulge in a relaxing treatment from Argentta Spa during your stay.

In addition to the activities and experiences found at The Watergate, our location near The National Mall and the historic Georgetown neighborhood gives you access to the best of DC's destinations and experiences. From great jazz at an iconic venue, to beloved baked goods, to some of the nation's finest memorials and more, there is truly something for everyone in Washington DC.


Registration is limited to members of the Institutional Investor Institute. If you wish to obtain more information on joining this membership please email us and member of our team will be in touch shortly. We look forward to having you with us.


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You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any communications we send you. You can also visit our preference centre.

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