RIA Intel Launch Party

Oct 24th 2019
STK Midtown
New York, NY
About RIA Intel

Designed to address the needs of RIAs, RIA Intel will build on Institutional Investor’s 52-year legacy of editorial excellence.  RIA Intel is powered by four principles of quality journalism: Access to the right people, disclosure of essential content, great narrative writing, and the highlighting of the central conflicts that permeate the RIA community.  The RIA Intel website will also complement the great foundation that was created by Institutional Investor’s RIA Institute - the leading private members club for the biggest and fastest growing RIAs.

Leading this charge is Greg Bartalos, Editor-in-Chief of RIA Intel and Michael Thrasher, Reporter at RIA Intel. Greg began his financial journalism career here at Institutional Investor in 1995. Since then he has worked as a writer and editor for Bloomberg News, Yahoo Finance and more recently as Editor-in-Chief of Barrons.com for eight years.  Prior to joining RIA Intel, Michael was a WealthManagement.com Reporter specializing in M&A, Regulatory, Technology and Practice Management trends.

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From RIA Intel

Dynasty Financial Builds New Home in Florida and Employees are Awestruck by One Big Difference

Dynasty Financial recently moved its company headquarters to St. Petersburg, Florida. Dynasty, which is a service provider to a network of 47 RIAs and manages more than $40 billion in assets, expects that half of its roughly 75 New York City employees would relocate.

Employees who relocated from New York are enjoying world-class beaches, golf, sailing, a burgeoning arts scene, and favorable taxes. However, they are most excited about something else entirely.                                      

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