15th Annual East Coast Sub-Advisory Roundtable

May 5th - May 6th 2020
The Ritz-Carlton
Boston, MA

The 2020 East Coast Sub-Advisory program is currently being built and will be released in early 2020. Below is the 2019 East Coast Sub-Advisory Agenda



2019 Agenda

Insightful, relevant and straight forward.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board To Be Invited

We build our Sub-Advisory Roundtable agendas with the help of an advisory board of investment executives from leading firms that utilize sub-advisory services to ensure the content is timely, relevant, and forward thinking.

  • What is the role of factor analysis in understanding manager performance and portfolio exposures?
  • Sub-Advisory, Smart Beta and ETFs: Opportunities and risks
  • David vs. Goliath: In a world where the big are getting bigger, what is the role of the boutique or emerging active manager?
  • Investing in alternatives: a cost benefit analysis
  • ESG and Impact Investing: Coming up with a consolidated framework for understanding these investments
  • Interval funds: Getting past the marketing jargon to understand how these products fit into your portfolios
  • How to construct and compensate a best-in-class manager research team
  • Alternative manager due diligence: avoiding pitfalls
  • Negotiating terms and fees in a Sub-Advised relationship: Is it possible for everyone to win
  • Blockchain: How will this technology change the way we do business?
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Portfolio Analysis: Friend or foe?
  • Disruptive Companies: How consolidation and disruption in the technology, consumer, and pharmaceutical industry are changing the opportunity and investment landscape
  • The Future of Financial Advice: Is technology commoditizing investment advice? How can we add value beyond investing?
  • Hacking and Cybersecurit

Registration is complimentary for buyers of sub-advisory services representing mutual fund companies, OCIOs, insurance firms, retirement platforms, wealth managers, and other asset managers which out-source. If you are interested in learning more about the Sub-Advisory Institute please contact Adam Grainger at +1 212 224 3677 or adam.grainger@institutionalinvestor.com



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Superbly well organized, liked the pre-seating and mixing it up. Also small discussions and Q&A were nice features.


The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton, Boston

10 Avery Street

Boston, MA 02111


About Sub-Advisory

The Sub-Advisory Institute is a private membership organization for buyers of sub-advisory services and manager research, selection & oversight executives representing mutual fund companies, OCIOs, insurance firms, retirement platforms, and other asset managers which out-source. Through expert-led panel discussions, presentations, guest speakers and live market research, each of our two annual events will bring together leading participants in the sub-advisory landscape to assess how the investment objectives of institutions are changing and how firms that offer sub-advised strategies can respond to these needs.

For more information, please contact:

Adam Grainger
Investor Relations Manager, Individual Market Memberships
+1 212 224 3677


For Providers of Sub-Advisory Services, please contact:

Randy Klein

Executive Director, Business Development
+1 212 224 3629

For Buyers of Sub-Advisory Services, please contact:

Adam Grainger

Investor Relations Manager, Individual Market Memberships
+1 212 224 3677