II Memberships Webinar: Gaining Efficiency through Unified Front-to-Back Investment Platforms

Sep 9th 2020
11:00 am (eastern)


Investment management firms struggling to cope with fee compression, the flight to passive products and the Covid-19 economic shock are looking to their technology organizations to increase efficiency and gain operating leverage. One approach to cutting maintenance and integration expense is to replace assorted front-, middle- and back-office systems with a single, integrated investment platform. In this session, we’ll discuss the issues buyside firms should weigh when considering an integrated investment platform, and look at the experience of some firms that have adopted front-to-back, unified systems.

This webinar is 60 minutes long and scheduled to start at 11:00 am EST.

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Jenny Ravenscroft
Head of Product Solutions
SimCorp North America

Jenny Ravenscroft is a solutions expert servicing the needs of investment management firms for more than 20 years. She leads a team at SimCorp of front-to-back solution professionals based in North America.

David Escamilla
Vice President – Investment Operations
Northwestern Mutual

David Escamilla is an executive leader with over 30 years of experience providing exceptional vision, strategy, solutions, execution and leadership. He has extensive experience and success in leading his company and consulting others in financial technology, process improvement, project leadership, data management, organizational design and operational processing. David has led great outcomes, solutions and teaching in architecture, development, deployment, support, ongoing processing and diversity & inclusion. David has been recognized for strong communication, relationship building between entities and influencing. He is experienced in and requested for individual discussions, group session leadership and presentations for large audiences.  He designs and develops strong teams. David is dedicated to ongoing learning and improving, and dedicated to doing the right things and providing excellent results that help his company thrive. David likes to dream big, get stuff done, and have fun! (Thanks Jeff Weiner)


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