• TTI Holiday Gift Guide

    December 22, 2016

    Videos of all presentations from [next] are now available are now in the archive.

  • Memristors, QRed Seniors, Optics Based Haptics

    December 16, 2016

    Who is headed to CES? Drop us a line so TTI/V staffers can catch up with our community members who may be in attendance!

  • December: [next]

    December 05, 2016

    The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future

    By Kevin Kelly
    (Viking, June 2016)

  • A Backup for the Internet's Backup, Bitcoin Doesn't Protect Tax Dodgers, 750,000 Data Scientists

    December 02, 2016

    Many of us will gather in San Francisco next week for TTI/Vanguard’s final conference of 2016, [next]. If you are unable to join us, remember that members have access to our real-time livestream. Links will be shared next week or contact Claudia Miklas.

  • Millimeter Waves for VR, ACM Gordon Bell Winner, Millenials Love Fake News

    November 23, 2016

    What with our November 18 regional meeting with Eric Haseltine and Chris Gilbert (Reinforcements are in the archives), and the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, we decided to split the difference and have a single newsletter for the two weeks, sent out today. We’ll be back on our regular schedulefor just one week, and then we’re off to San Francisco for [next]!

  • Trump Reaction, Asteroids, Global Warming and Disney Drones!

    November 11, 2016

    Warm Veterans Day wishes, especially to the many members of our community who have served their country.

  • Fuel Cell Train, 10nm DRAM, Spinach Explosive Detection

    November 04, 2016

    At a past TTI/V conference called “Rearranging the Atoms,” we heard three talks on fuel cells—two for vehicles and one for mobile devices (Amory LovinsStephen Buckley,Jerry Hallmark, Toronto, Apr 2002)—a decade and a half before the world’s first zero-emission, fuel cell-powered, passenger train comes on line next year in Germany.

  • Dyn Done in by DDoS, AI Stop Light, Software Patents on the Ropes

    October 28, 2016

    We had a wonderful discussion and lab tour at NYU Wireless this week for our “An Afternoon of 5G” event with the center’s director, Sundeep Rangan, postdoc Marco Mezzavilla, and Advisory Board members David Reed and Bob Lucky. Video and our Reinforcements summary will be available in the archive next week.

  • Enterprise VR, Workplace AR, Tokamak Pressure Record

    October 21, 2016

    While the popular press hypes Oculus and other consumer-level virtual reality products, Nolan Bushnell (Jersey City, Oct 2013; Washington, D.C., Nov 2001) is going after the enterprise market with Modal VR and its “industrial-grade immersion.”

  • Two Years of Newsletter Awesomeness!

    October 14, 2016

    Happy Anniversary to us! It has been two years since the TTI/Vanguard weekly newsletter launched. We appreciate the many nice comments we’ve received since we began this little adventure. Feel free to check out our archive for any issues that you may have missed: